Skydiving with children

If children want to do a skydive in tandem, it is not a question of age, but of height. Children have to fit in the passenger harness! Most children have reached the minimum height of 140 cm by the age of 9 to 10 years, and nothing stands in the way of a tandem jump.

Some parents wonder if their child is too young to skydive. There is no general answer to this question, because the decision should be made individually for each child.

A tandem voucher has become a popular gift for communion. You want to give something „special“ and almost all children already have cell phones, computer games, etc. these days.

Well, here we are with individuality. If your child is simply given a tandem voucher as a gift, the child may be overwhelmed by the psyche in individual cases. If your child desperately wants a tandem parachute jump, then you are not wrong if you want to give something „special“.

Why? Very easily! Children who want to jump in tandem arrive at the jump area completely inexperienced and relaxed. As we all know, children are much less afraid than adults. The child trusts that the tandem master will do everything right, and he does. Children are to be envied for the feeling of 100% trust. With their trust they can fully absorb and enjoy the whole process. Even in freefall you will laugh and play, because your child is just having fun.

All our tandem masters are trained to take the fear away from passengers. Even if your child is a little afraid (every adult is of course also afraid), the calmness and balance of the tandem pilot will transfer to your child and the fun of skydiving becomes a great experience.


The fascination was not limited to the parachute jump, but also to Airrich’s handheld camera as you can see on the photos.