Sequence of a tandem skydive jump

When you make an appointment by phone, you will receive all the information you need for your first tandem skydive. You will be given a telephone number where you can contact us for the last weather check before you leave for the jump site.

In this way we prevent your arrival from being a trip to the „BLUE“.
When we arrive at the jump area (airfield) we get to know each other personally and you will find out that we are not that unappealing „grinning“.

We then discuss the timing and do the necessary paperwork.

Tandemsprung München Aschheim Reinhard 2
Tandem jump at Skydive Airrich

After receiving your jumping equipment and a short briefing on free fall posture, landing exercises, etc., we get on the plane and off we go at 4300m above the airfield. In the climb, which takes 15-20 minutes, you can enjoy the landscape panorama from the aircraft window, just like on a scenic flight. In about 3000 m we get ready for the parachute jump. Your tandem master connects the special tandem skydiving system in such a way that the tandem passenger and the tandem pilot become an inseparable couple. Your tandem pilot checks the parachute system again and goes through the jump position with you.

If you have forgotten everything because of all the excitement, no problem, because all tandem masters are experienced skydivers! (Skydiving instructor with special training to become a tandem master)

As you can see, you can relax and plunge into the fun!
The most important thing is that you have fun with the whole thing and that you can relax as well as possible. The more relaxed you are, the more consciously you will feel the free fall.

When the jump height is reached, the first parachutists open the aircraft door. Cool air enters the plane and lets us feel that we are already relatively high. We check the goggles again and go to the stern ramp (Skyvan). At the ramp, you put your hands in your harness, your head back and your tandem pilot’s exit command „Ready set go“ comes. With the go you are already in freefall with your flight instructor.

You’ll be surprised because most people think jumping off a plane feels like riding a roller coaster. No, on the contrary, you feel an air cushion on which you are lying and that gives a safe and fascinating feeling. But it’s also not like just sailing away. A tandem pair has an average fall speed of approx. 200 km / h. The strong wind that you feel is air that slows our fall and gives us the feeling of an air cushion. It’s more like the feeling of „slipping“ in the air, and that’s what we call flying in free fall. It is very difficult to describe these feelings. You will notice it when you want to pass on the enthusiasm for your skydive to others.

After 55-57 seconds of free fall (from 4300m), the parachute is opened at a height of 1500m during the tandem jump. Solo jumpers open their paragliders between 800 and 1000 meters.

During the glider ride, the tandem pilot and tandem passenger can talk again.
The glider’s flight noises are not exactly quiet, but if you speak loudly and clearly, that’s not a problem. „Gliding along with the parachute in absolute silence“ only appears in advertising slogans. Flying with an open parachute takes 5-7 minutes, depending on how much weight is hanging on the parachute and how many turns are flown.

Before landing we practice the landing position „legs up“
Usually, tandem skydivers land on the buttocks. Solo parachutists land upright (better said they stop the forward movement of the parachute when landing), but with a tandem the risk of injury would be too high and so we simply slip on the buttocks during the parachute landing.

You will see, this type of landing is not only the safest but also absolutely gentle.

After you have completed your jump, there is of course a certificate that will remind you of this great experience for a long time.